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Deborah M. Spence, MSM

Tuition, Fees, and Costs of Private Piano Instruction

I charge a one-time registration fee of $35.00 per student which reserves the lesson time and partially offsets preparation for the first lesson as well as assorted printing expenses that are incurred from time to time during instruction.  You can print a registration form to include with your fee by clicking here and printing.

Charges are based on one lesson per week.

I offer three tuition payment plan options and accept cash, checks, online payments through Paypal, and face-to-face card-present payment through PayPal.  Payment is due at the first lesson of the term or month and is considered late if not paid at that time.  No further instruction will be given until tuition is paid in full.

No refunds are given for early withdrawal.

"No shows" are not subject to rescheduling and are forfeited, regardless of payment plan.

A minimum of one 30-minute lesson per week is recommended for early elementary students.  Older beginners or more advanced students will benefit from one 45-minute or 1-hour lesson per week.

Plan I - Paid Quarterly at the first lesson.

This is the most economical of all payment plan options and is best, regardless of the student's age, if steady progress is desired.  A typical quarter is approximately 12 weeks, although some may be a week or two longer.  Therefore, quarterly payment amounts will vary slightly.

Plan II - Paid Monthly at the first lesson of the month

Monthly charges on Plan II will vary depending on the number of weeks in the month and/or scheduled holidays (3 to 5 lessons per month) with a minimum of three lessons per month required.  Designed for those who prefer or need to pay on a month-to-month basis.

Plan III - Paid Quarterly at the first lesson

Individual lessons on Plan III are arranged on a week-to-week basis as suits the student's schedule.  This plan offers ultimate flexibility and may be suitable for adults whose professions require frequent schedule changes.  Since the cost of these lessons is higher, more flexibility regarding rescheduling is allowed.

A maximum of two lessons per quarter may be rescheduled as time allows and must be made up within the quarter (no carryover).  Make-up lessons are held on Saturday evenings from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. only.  Depending upon demand, I do not guarantee that there will be adequate time available, and there is always the possibility that the lesson will be forfeited.  Lessons missed without notice or with last-minute notice on any payment plan are not eligible for rescheduling, and no refunds are given.  Again, no-shows = forfeited lesson.  This is standard practice.  Tuition payments hold your lesson time; it is the student's perogative to use or not use that time.  If scheduling conflicts arise repeatedly, it may be necessary to permanently change your lesson time to avoid forfeiture of lessons or dismissal at the end of the semester.

Music and materials are not included in the above costs.

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