Piano Lessons Omaha!
Deborah M. Spence, MSM

Tuition, Fees, and Costs of Private Piano Instruction

Three payment plans - by the week, the month, or the semester - are available and are outlined below.

I charge a one-time registration fee of $35.00 per student, regardless of payment plan, which reserves your preferred lesson time for two weeks. After that period of time passes and you have not yet begun lessons, I can no longer guarantee your preferred time, and the fee is forfeited. You can print a registration form to include with your fee by clicking here and printing.

Your lesson time is reserved exclusively for you. In order to keep the cost of lessons low, I provide the following options for missed appointments:

Your lesson time is held for YOU and no one else; it is your time to either use or trade with another student. If scheduling conflicts arise repeatedly and swaps cannot be arranged, and you do not wish to pay a rescheduling fee, you may want to consider changing to Plan III. If the policies under Plan I or Plan II are not acceptable to you, consider Plan III for ultimate flexibility.

No refunds/credits are given for early withdrawal.

I accept cash, checks, online payments through Paypal, and face-to-face card-present payment through PayPal.  Payment is due at the first lesson of the term, first lesson of the month, or at the start of the individual lesson. Lessons not paid according to this schedule are considered late and no further instruction will be given until tuition is paid in full. No exceptions.

Music and materials are not included in the below costs.

Plan I - Paid by the semester at the first lesson.

Plan II - Paid Monthly at the first lesson of the month

Plan III - Pay as you go

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